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Here are the most commonly asked questions about our company or our services:

  1. Can you help me if I have late payments, charge offs, bankruptices, or incorrect personal information on my credit report?
  2. Can you help me if I have been refused credit?
  3. Will my employer need to know about my credit repair or existing debt situation?
  4. Can you help me repair my credit report?



Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions about our company or our services:

  1. Yes we can!! Everybody has a credit file, maintained by a credit reference agency. Many people have adverse credit details on their files, such as defaults, bad payment history, County Court Judgments. This means that when these people apply for credit, such as loans, mortgages, credit cards, car finance or even a simple bank account, they may be turned away.
  2. Yes we can!! Most people are unaware of credit information, credit files and credit reference agencies, yet they have increasing importance in today's world. Most lending sources will automatically run a credit search on applicants, by contacting the major credit reference agencies, Experian Limited or Equifax Limited. These reference agencies' purpose is to hold files containing credit information, including information about you. We will give you the tools necessary to update your current information and dispute whatever derogatories are appearing.
  3. No! We will not contact your employer or anyone else other than your creditors. All your dealings with us are entirely confidential. Your credit repair is your own business.
  4. Absolutely YES!! If you have bad credit at the time you begin our program, your credit rating can only improve over time. Credit card companies and other creditors usually re-age accounts that have undergone debt management. As you make timely payments, you begin establishing a sound credit report.
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